chay wala ,most attractive pakistani

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chay wala ,most attractive pakistani
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"Loyalty Chai Arshad Khan, who works for the Sunday Bazaar Islamabad (Peshawar Chowk), the ladies have blown through their great looks.
He became Alanstaqram of "chaiwala" in Islamabad of trying to shoot the image having Jia to give a stir on the Internet through the media on the Internet.

As shown in the shooting, they were his first two shots tea dealer you looking down, with a focus on Chai I was doing.

Whatever it may have been arrested viral minutes seconds after he stared at her.

In an interview with reporters at the TV close, blue and looked Arshad showed that he had been living in Islamabad during the last 25 years and joined the tea slow few months ago.

Netizens viewed from different states to respect the wonderful and great looks perky identity.

Its high shock with blue eyes casual appearance design while the tea is poured has been limited to the general population to take to Twitter, wishing he could make the contract appear.

From that moment, a young and beautiful colleague pouring tea has the benefit of fans online woman who really want to chop the components to it through the media on the Internet.

A chat with the media he is happy with his notoriety overnight after they get upset when people gather around to take pictures in conditions of work hours because you must work to earn the job.

Arshad said that individuals have taken more than 150 pictures with him in this way.

The Twitteratti swirls of observations in the large Arshad outside.
"The loyalty of Pakistan chai I is now famous social network in India through Internet.

Said a Twitter post and this is really Aman Ki Aasha".

Noting the pressure on India and Pakistan present, Twitteratti another said: "The partition of India and Pakistan cricket psychological oppression later joined after actual hot Chai wala.Funny".

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