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                    WHAT’S NEWS
                    Invitation for the 119th CANTON FAIR 2016
                    发布日期:2016-04-05 16:33:18


                    Dear Sir or Madam,                     
                    We are pleased to extend an invitation to you and your team to visit our booth in the 119th China Import and Export Fair. Details as below:
                        Date: Apr.23-27, 2016 (9:00-18:00)
                        Booth no.: 1.2B47-62
                        Display products: Porcelain Tableware,Household Porcelain
                    Thank you very much for your support and we are looking forward to seeing you in the fair.
                    Best regards,
                    Johnson Yang
                    General Manager
                    WEIYE CERAMICS CO., LTD.
                    Add: No.F1,Ruyi Road Industrial Zone,Fengxi Chaozhou,Guangdong,China
                    Tel: +86-768-2923288
                    Fax: +86-768-2923338

                    Website: http://www.i-tupe.com

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